Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Resurrection is a very large church. Will I get lost in the crowds?

    Resurrection is undoubtedly a large church with many members - but this allows us to offer a great many programs that might not be available at smaller churches. And, we can't recommend more highly that you involve yourself in a small group. It's amazing how fast our large church seems to shrink when you get to know your Bible study group and the other volunteers in your area of ministry.

  2. How do I find out what's going on at Resurrection?

    If you read the Sunday-service bulletin announcements, our weekly eNews e-mail will keep up to date with almost everything that's happening at Resurrection. Also, our Senior Pastor Adam Hamilton distributes a weekly email newsletter which highlights important activities in the life of the church. (Another great way, of course, is to explore the website, just like you're doing now!)

  3. How do I get involved with choir or other musical groups?

    Resurrection's music ministries always welcome interested people with talent and enthusiasm. For more information on joining these ministries, check out our music page.

  4. How do I find a Sunday School class?

    Resurrection offers dynamic Sunday School classes for all age groups. Your can find more here:

  5. What do Methodists believe?

    United Methodists profess the historic Christian faith. We encourage you to read more at the website of the United Methodist Church or to learn about The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection here. We also encourage you to attend our worship services or other programs and ask lots of questions. Go ahead - be nosy!

  6. How do I get involved at Resurrection?

    Opportunities for involvement - from small groups and volunteer opportunities to missions and music - are open to anyone who wants to participate, members and visitors alike. A great way to get involved is to visit the Connection Point outside the Sanctuary where trained counselors are on hand to greet you and help you find a way to get connected. Immediate needs are printed each week in our worship bulletin announcements.

  7. What is expected of members?

    The Church of the Resurrection expects the following of its members:

      1. To worship regularly.
      2. To continue to grow in your faith by participating in a small group study.
      3. To serve God with your hands, by volunteering in service to the congregation and the community and world.
      4. To give in proportion to your income.
  8. How can I join Resurrection?

    If you are considering membership at the Church of the Resurrection, the first step is to attend "Coffee with the Pastors," where you'll learn more about the church, get to know our pastors and staff and review expectations regarding membership.

  9. When are Resurrection's weekly worship services?

    We offer multiple services each weekend at our Leawood, Resurrection West, Resurrection Downtown and Blue Springs campuses. Get directions and learn about worhsip times and styles here.

    You can also join us online at