Resurrection Church Staff

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Abbey Engles Childcare Coordinator 913-232-4189
Rev. Adam Hamilton Senior Pastor 913-544-0700
Adam Hartley Technical Producer  
Addison Price Community Outreach Program Director  
Amy Facemire Executive Assistant to the Managing Executive Directors 913-544-0795
Amy Fulton Early Childhood Program Director 913-544-0292 x1292
Andy Guarini Student Ministries Program Director  
Angel Ventura Facilities Maintenance Technician 913-544-0203
Angela LaVallie Worship Logistics Program Director 913-544-0747
Angela Robinson Technical Arts Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0719
Rev. Anne Williams Resurrection Downtown Congregational Care Pastor 816-979-1332
Ashley Traub Matthew's Ministry SALP Assistant Coordinator  
Barbara Eichenberger Organist 913-544-0750
Bob Whisman Director of Security 913-544-0241
Brad Drake Exterior Maintence Technician 913-232-4107 x4107
Brenda Thornton KiDS COR Administrative Assistant 913-544-0297 x1297
Brent Messick Managing Executive Director/CFO 913-544-0772
Brian Hayne Exterior Maintenance Technician  
Brian Slezak Software Services Manager 913-544-0786
Brittany Gamble Facilities Project Manager  
Carol Campbell Resurrection Resources Sales Associate 913-544-0240
Carol Cartmill Executive Director of Adult Discipleship 913-544-0714
Carole Hardy Nursery Coordinator 913-544-0285 x4137
Cathy Bien Director of Communications 913-544-0210
Cayce Stapp Pastor of Domestic & International Missions 913-544-0734
Celicia Hiatt Community Connections Program Director 913-232-4187
Cheri Rappe Childcare Coordinator 913-232-4177
Rev. Cheryl Bell Congregational Pastor 913-232-4144
Cheryl Greenough Program Director Congregational Care 913-544-0238
Cheryl Lockett Helpdesk Support Specialist 913-232-4176
Chris Folmsbee Director of Discipleship Ministries 913-544-0236
Chris Holliday Associate Minister 913-627-9653
Chris Lanzer Facility Maintenance Technician 913-544-0203
Chris Monson Worship & Events Program Director 913-538-7800
Christie Walker Children's Ministries Director 816-389-8914
Christina Bradshaw Nursery Program Director 913-544-0293
Christina Williams Discovery Ark Teacher  
Chuck Russell Web Development Manager  
Rev. Dr. Clayton Smith Executive Pastor of Generosity 913-544-0242
Clif Guy Director of Information Technology 913-544-0782
Cory Ryan Associate Contemporary Worship Director 913-544-0205
Courtney Felzke Pastor of Sillver Link 913-544-0261 x1261
Craig Miller Orchestra Director  
Dan Entwistle Managing Executive Director for Programs and Ministries 913-544-0764
Dan Williams Duplication/Internet Bookstore Specialist  
Dana Edwards Administrative Supervisor 913-232-4141
Danny Johnson Facility Tech 913-544-0203 913-908-2327
Darrell Holtz Writing and Curriculum Development Program Director 913-544-0274
Dave MaGee Director of Student Ministries 913-544-0770 x1025
Dave Pullin Director of Technical Production 913-544-0768
Dave Robertson Director of Community Life 913-627-9652
DeAnn Stephens Payroll Specialist 913-544-0796
Deb Myers Discovery Ark Teacher  
Debbie Covell Administrative Assistant to the Director of Children's Ministry 913-544-0720
Debbie Dietz Office Manager and Assistant to the Pastor 913-538-7800
Debi Nixon Managing Executive Director of Regional Campuses & Catalyst 913-544-0709
Deborah Comstock Event and Volunteer Program Director for Student Ministeries 913-544-0251
Dee Dickey Coordinating Assistant for Beyond Kansas City Missions 913-232-4166
Denise Mersmann Early Childhood Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0728
Diana Vetter Financial Specialist-Accounts Payable 913-544-0229
Diane Enlow Director of Children's Ministry 816-389-8914
Diane Punch Information Booth Coordinator 913-681-1918
Dick Cooper Director of Facilities and Construction Management 913-544-0776
Donna Karlen Campus Communications 913.232.4182
Pastor Doyle Blanton Congregational Care Pastor 913-544-0227 x1127
Dwight Ordway Senior Network Administrator 913-232-4105
Ed Flener Congregational Care Specialist 913-544-0702
Eleanor Hill Worship Accompanist  
Elisa Velez-Makar Coordinating Assistant Beyond Kansas City Missions 913-544-0788
Emily Busenitz Childcare Coordinator 913-544-0239
Eric Hintermaier Assistant Contemporary Worship Leader 913-232-4117
Erin Clark Discovery Ark Teacher 913-232-4137
Frank Gentile Worship Unit Director 913-544-0713
Gail Gunnerson Special Events Program Director 913-544-0757
George Smiley Desktop Support Specialist 913-544-0222
Gia Garey Moser Hospitality Program Director 913.544.0721
Ginny Howell Connections Mobilization Program Director 913-544-0290
Rev. Glen Shoup Executive Pastor of Worship; Congregational Care Pastor 913-544-0284 Ext. 1284
Gwen Gepford Handbells Program Director 913-544-0217
Heather Sooley Operations Coordinating Assistant 816-389-8911
Holly Fohlmeister Discovery Ark Teacher 913-232-4138
Jae Lee Facility Tech 913-544-0203 913-908-2327
James Holt Worship Unit Technical Specialist 913-544-0266
Jaime Kernaghan Early Childhood Praise and Worship Coordinator 913-232-4126
Jana Trafter Cafe Associate  
Jane Fowler Group Life Program Director 913-544-0218
Janelle Gregory Human Resources Specialist 913-544-0745
Janice Updike Executive Assistant to the Managing Executive Director of Regional Campuses & Catalyst 913-544-0735
Pastor Jason Gant Resurrection West Campus Pastor 913-538-7800
Jason Watson Media Producer Children/Student Ministries 913-544-0765
Jaye Lynn Lauria A/R Financial Specialist 913-544-0780
Jeff Kirby Minister of Discipleship and Men's Ministry 913-544-0736
Jeff Milton High School Program Director 913-544-0280 x1280
Jennifer Creagar Coordinating Assistant for Congregational Care 913-544-0739
Jennifer Ross Matthew's Ministry Director 913-544-0295
Jenny Nehrbass Kindermusik & Adoration Choir Program Director 913-544-0752
Jeremy Grabrian Tech Support Team Leader 913-544-0250
Jessica Burton Administrative Assistant-RezLife Student Ministries 913-544-0262
Jessica Winne Angel Care Provider  
Jill Hartquist Learn Events Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0286 x1286
Joan Baird Matthew's Ministry SALP Coordinator 913-232-4110
Joan Gunter Cafe Services Program Director 913-544-0248
Jonathan Bell Director of Partner Church Ministry & SPST Academic Liaison  
Jordan Tracy Associate Audio Engineer 913-396-9865
Joy Wightman Graphic Designer 913-232-4109
Joyce Blakesley Youth Music Program Director 913-558-1800
Judy Burgess Information Liaison/Wedding Program Director 913-544-0712 x1095
Julie Hicks Communications Production Coordinator  
Julie Peters Associate Director of Student Ministeries 913-544-0766
Justin Huey Worship Leader 816-979-1339
Rev. Karen Lampe Executive Pastor of Congregational Care 913-544-0273
Kari Burgess Catalyst Communications & Customer Relations Program Director 913-232-4139
Pastor Katherine Ebling-Frazier Congregational Care Ministries 913-544-0277 x1277
Katherine McMahon Discovery Ark Teacher  
Kathy Carter Catalyst Ministry Campus Program Director 913-544-0272
Kay Huffman IT Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0220 x1220
Kelly Sisney Director of Operations and Community Life 816-979-1330
Kelly Williams Director of Finance and Accounting 913-544-0777
Kevin Bogan Director of Traditional/Blended Worship Arts 913-544-0751
Kevin Emerson Facility Tech 913-544-0203 913-908-2327
Kevin Rogers Director of Resurrection Music Academy 913-232-4179
Kris Drummond Director of Children's Ministries 816-979-1330
Lance Winkler Director of Contemporary Worship 913-544-0754
Laura Cooper Traditional and Blended Worship Coordinating Assistant 913-232-4178
Lea Morrison Office Coordinator and Asst. to Campus Pastor 816-979-1342
Lee Rudeen Lead Videographer 913-232-4190
Lesa Kleinmann Domestic and International Missions Coordinating Assistant  
Lin Sanford Traditional / Blended Worship Program Director - Children's 913-544-0279
Lisa Guenther Administrative Assistant for Funerals and Volunteer Ministries 913-544-0712 x 1095
Rev. Lisa Holliday Minister of Children and Their Familes 913-544-0792
Lisa Viehweg Director of Human Resources 913-544-0708
Liz Gyori Group Life Training Program Director 913-544-0746
Lori Hisle Associate Director of Finance 913-544-0778
Lori Trupp Director of Children's Ministries 913-544-0725
Lori Wolverton Nursery and Childcare Worker  
Lynette Holt Contemporary Worship Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0753
Mark Martin Facility Tech 913-544-0203 x1182
Mary Foster Angel Care Specialist 913-897-0120
Mary Haines Pathways to Ministry Coordinator 913-232-4125
Mary Houser Sales Associate 913-544-0240
Matt Bisel Associate Director of Worship Arts  
Matt Kelly Facility Systems Technician  
Matthew Ozment Media Services Unit Director  
Megan O'Neill Learn Events Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0294 x1294
Melanie Hill Guest Connections Program Director 913-232-4173
Melissa Casper Technical Support Specialist  
Michelle Funk Women's Ministry Program Director 913-544-0771
Michelle Kirby Associate Director of Discipleship 913-544-0232
Mike Ash Worship Leader | Director of Community  
Mike Petersma Elementary Program Director 913-232-4135
Mike Wilhoit Director of Local Missions 913-544-0789
Molly Ordway Bookstore Sales Associate  
Nancy Brown Executive Assistant to the Executive Pastor of Stewardship and Worship 913-544-0275
Nancy Hines Director of Resurrection Resources 913-544-0240 x1270
Natalie Cleveland Videographer/Editor 913-544-0761
Nathan Brooks Director of Worship Arts  
Nathan Johnson Program Director 913-538-7800
Nick Ransom Director of Children's Ministries 913-544-0759
Pam Peterson Discovery Ark Preschool Assistant Director 913-544-0727
Pat McCarthy Assistant Director of Safety/Security 913-544-0264
Patricia Elbel SALP Special Needs Care Provider  
Rev. Penny Ellwood Campus Pastor of Resurrection Blue Springs 816-389-8900
Pete Sawyer Sports and Recreation Program Director 913-681-8729
Rachel Moyers Data Management Coordinating Assistant 913-232-4172 x4172
Raelene Herndon Facilties Services Program Director 913-544-0743 x1743
Randy Meyer Executive Director of Education Ministries 913-544-0769
Rob Guy Assistant Audio Engineer 913-544-0782
Roberta Lyle Local Bridge Events Program Director 913-544-0254
Robin Houghton Worship Content Director 913-544-0732
Sally Retz Administrative Assistant to Women's Ministries 913-544-0228
Sara Steffens Lead Graphic Designer 913-232-4183
Rev. Scott Chrostek Campus Pastor of Resurrection Downtown 816-979-1330
Shana Gregory Williams Missions Finance Specialist  
Shari Wilkins Group Life Program Director 913-544-0717
Shawn Simpson Technical Producer 913-627-9654
Sheila Jones Discovery Ark Teacher  
Sheila Lawrence A/P Financial Specialist 913-544-0779
Sheree Reece Beyond KC Missions Access Partnerships Program Director 913-232-4127
Sherri Comfort Catalyst Ministries Coordinating Assistant 913-232-4147
Sherry Danner Director of Counseling Ministries 913-544-0249
Sommer Kelling Nursery Coordinator 913-627-9658
Stacy Furey KiDS COR Volunteer Coordinator 913-232-4194
Stella Stillion Nursery Coordination Assistant  
Stephanie Smith Congregational Care Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0707
Rev. Steve Langhofer Pastor of Congregational Care 913-544-0276
Rev. Steven Blair Congregational Care Pastor of Support Ministries 913-544-0219
Stewart Curtright Missions Entry Points Program Director 913-544-0710
Sue Thompson Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor 913-544-0700
Susan Arends Children's Choir Coordinating Assistant 913-544-0752 x 1024
Susan Bell Program Director of Funerals & Volunteer Ministries 913-232-4142
Susan Brown Nursery Coordinator  
Tara Houx Worship Logistics Coordinating Assistant 913-232-4108
Taylor Ogden Thomas Middle School Program Director 913-544-0216
Tedra Clements Discovery Ark Administrative Assistant  
Teri Chalker Confirmation Program Director/Wild 1's Program Director 913-544-0287
Tifanni Thompson Angel Care Provider 913-897-0120
Tim Higginbotham Audio Engineer  
Tobi Fuller Elementary Program Director  
Rev. Todd Maberry Community Pastor 816-389-8902
Tonya Hague Cafe Services Associate 913-544-0248
Travis Morgan Director of Partner Churches and Resurrection West 913.538.7800
Rev. Wendy Chrostek Congregational Care Pastor 913-544-0704
Wendy Connelly Community Outreach Program Director  
William Walters Applications Support Analyst  
Yvonne Gentile Director of Guest Services