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Using Psalm 4:8 as the guiding mission, the Beds Program provides new beds to children who don’t have a bed of their own in Kansas City urban and suburban communities. Our purpose is to recognize and address the physical need for sleep, thus providing a sense of comfort, rest, and peace.  Through this coordinated demonstration of God’s love and provision we will bring smiles and comfort to children and families.  The Program’s focus is to serve the children referred by Resurrection's partner school districts and specific mission partners.

Beds Program Needs List

The Beds Program provides new beds and linens to children at Resurrection’s partner elementary schools.  The following donations are needed:

  • New pillows
  • New twin sheet sets
  • New twin blankets or comforters
  • New twin mattresses and box springs
  • Twin bed frames

Place donated linens in the Collections area at Resurrection Leawood. They must be clearly marked "FOR THE BEDS PROGRAM." If you have a large number of linens or mattress donations, contact to make delivery/pick-up arrangements. 

Ongoing Serving Opportunities

  • Pick-up Party Needs:
  • Provide refreshments for 15-25 people: baked goods, juice, and water
  • Volunteers needed to load/unload mattresses and greet families
  • Care and Prayer - spiritual support for servants and families and intentional prayer for ministry and servants
  • Sponsorship Team – solicit beds sponsorships or host a linen drive.

Host a Linen Drive

Host a linen drive in your school, workplace, or neighborhood! New twin linens (see above) will be provided to elementary school children who receive beds through the Program. If you need more information on the Program for your drive, please contact

Sponsor a Bed

Don’t let a Kansas City child sleep on the floor tonight.  Consider sponsoring a bed! Please download and complete the Beds Sponsor Form.

  • $90 for a new twin bed (mattress, mattress pad, slat support and metal frame)
  • $35 for a new set of linens
  • $125or a twin bed and all the linens!

Slat Support Construction

Have access to free or inexpensive lumber?   We are always looking for lumber to build our slat support structure. This structure is used in place of a box spring. 

Spiritual gifts typically found in those serving in this ministry are Encouragement, Giving, Helps (Serving), Hospitality and Mercy.

Passions and skills that are especially helpful for serving in the various BEDs roles are support, justice, collections, housing, planning & organizing, baking, prayer, carpentry/building, marketing and graphic design.

Contact with any suggestions, ideas, or questions.



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