Housing: Be a Lunch Angel for a team

Can't swing a hammer, but want to help our housing & construction teams?

Construction crews work each Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Urban Ministry Construction Teams.  These teams are blessed by "lunch angels" who provide meals for these hard-working teams!

As a Lunch Angels you will provide a nutritious picnic lunch for one of the construction teams and deliver it to the worksite. Construction teams generally consist of 8-15 people depending on the day. You get to share lunch with the crew and see how Urban Ministry Construction works!

When: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, mid-day

Where: Deliver lunch to the worksite in KCK or KCMO

Choose a date to serve by registring online

Questions- Contact Nancy Krause at nancykrause@hotmail.com or 913.897.6711.

Our construction teams will be grateful for your support as a lunch angel!


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