Hunger: Sack Lunch Ministry

The Sack Lunch Ministry provides meals for  hungry and/or homeless people in the Kansas City area by delivering nonperishable, nutritious meals to urban ministries. 

To provide a sack lunch, follow the instructions below:

  • Purchase the items on the grocery list and place them in a brown paper bag.
  • Close the bag with staples so that the contents do not fall out.
  • Put filled sack lunches into larger sacks (5-6 lunches per sack) or in a box and place them on the shelves in the collection corner in the church lobby.
  • You may attach a note of encouragement or your favorite Bible verse; children are invited to decorate the sacks.

Sack Lunch Grocery List

  • Meat product with a flip lid:  Tuna, Tuna Salad Kit, Chicken, Chicken Salad Kit, Vienna Sausages 
  • Cheese/peanut butter crackers or chips
  • Fresh fruit or fruit cup with flip lid
  • Pudding (non-refrigerated) with flip lid
  • Juice Box
  • Cookies or granola bars (pre-packaged)
  • Fork or spoon and napkin
  • Bible verse or prayer, if you choose

Deliver Sack Lunches

  • Deliver sack lunches one Monday a month to Westport UMC


Thank you for helping to feed God’s children.  These sack lunches may be their only meal for an entire day. 

Spiritual gifts typically found in those serving in this role are Helps (Serving), Encouragement and Giving.

Passions and skills that are especially helpful for serving in this role are homelessness, underprivileged, hunger, collections, justice.

If you would like more information or wan to help with delivering sack lunches, contact Kelly Stewart at .

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