Guest Services: Spiritual Gifts Placement Team

Play an integral role in another's spiritual growth by helping them to identify potential meaningful service opportunities after they have completed spiritual gifts coursework. 

We meet with small groups who have completed the 'Serving from the Heart' curriculum.  Each member meets with a group of 3-5 participants on potential placement matches utilizing the profile summaries the participants filled out in class the previous week.

Spiritual Gifts frequently found in persons serving in this role are Administration, Discernment, Encouragement, Faith, and Message of Wisdom.

Passions and skills that are useful for serving in this role are equipping, career counseling, people, communication, relationship with God, encourager, service, and organization.

This is perfect for Spiritual Gifts class graduates or anyone with good listening and interview skills and a passion for connecting people into the life of the church. 

Come “shadow’ one of our placement sessions and see what it’s all about! Contact Linda Hill at for more details.



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