Worship: Acolyte

Our students going through Confirmation serve as our acolytes.


Participating in a Resurrection service by being an acolyte is one of the requirements for Confirmation Class. Each student must sign up for 3 time slots per semester.

About the registration form:

The registration form lists all the dates and service times within the Confirmation Class semester. Scroll down the page to see all the dates. After you have chosen all your volunteer times, you will have a chance to review and/or change your registration. When you are satisfied with your registration, press the Confirm & Finalize Registration button to complete registration. You will receive a confirmation email that contains your confirmation number and instructions on how to review your current registration information, should you need to do so.

Sign up using one of the following links, based on your Confirmation Class schedule:


Please arrive 35 minutes prior to each service where you will be serving. (30 minutes prior if you're serving at the Sunday 7:45 am service.) Report to the Sacristy (to the far left facing the chancel, behind the Sanctuary) where you will receive instructions and assistance with your robes.


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