Partner Churches

Partner Churches
Our vision for the Partner Church Ministry is to work with churches throughout the country in an effort to renew The United Methodist Church, so that together we can more effectively change lives and transform whole communities through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our dream has been that through this partnership model, hundreds of small churches will band together as a modern day version of the circuit rider system which led to the original growth of our denomination. Each church retains their complete independence and charge through their respective conference. Yet, they have access to resources and training through Church of the Resurrection and the other churches involved in this ministry.

Imagine the impact of hundreds of already established congregations banding together to share powerful tools in order to provide the very best ministry to their communities!

Together - in partnership with one another - we can be a model for ministry that leads to renewal and revitalization within our denomination and other mainline churches.

Click here to access our Partner Church Information Guide. You will learn about what Resurrection provides, how we will deliver ministry tools, and our expectations.

Our current partner churches for 2015 are:

  • Del Rosa UMC, San Bernardino, CA
  • First UMC, Highland, CA
  • Highfill UMC, Highfill, AR
  • St. Luke’s UMC, Odessa, TX
  • St. Paul’s UMC, San Bernardino, CA
  • Wyandotte UMC, Kansas City, KS
  • First UMC, Roseville, CA
  • New Horizons UMC, Columbia, MO
  • Hastings UMC, Hastings, MN

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