“What do Methodists believe and why do I need to know that?”

“What does The Church of the Resurrection care about?”

“I keep hearing about being on ‘The Journey,’ but what does that mean?”

“What happens at Discover Resurrection?”

Let's face it, this is a large church.  Finding opportunities to connect can feel overwhelming with all the different programs and events.  We can have lots of questions about church, whether we’re walking through the doors for the first time or have been coming for years. Sometimes we aren’t sure where to get our questions answered.

You are invited to join us for a single-session gathering called Discover Resurrection where you will have the opportunity to discover answers to these questions and more in a friendly and fun environment.  Learn the values and beliefs of The Church of the Resurrection and The United Methodist Denomination. Discover where you fit in and how to get connected on The Journey of faith.

Discover Resurrection is offered six times a year.  We will share a light meal first in the Narthex of Building B and then move into one of our classrooms for discussion time.

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