Our primary goal is to provide opportunities for individuals and families to connect to each other in small communities which share the journey of knowing, loving and serving God and others. Through fellowship, study, worship and service, each community can strengthen the spiritual discovery and growth of each participant. As we share the story of our lives with others and see more clearly how our story connects with the larger story of God’s redemptive activity, we make progress toward the goal of becoming deeply committed Christians.

Opportunities to connect to a group:

Small Groups

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Sunday Morning Small Group

Disciple Bible Study




Discover why lessons from the life and works of Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, are critically important to us and our church in the present day. Studies began in early September, but if you are a small group leader and would still like to lead your group through the Revival study, contact liz.gyori@cor.org for leader materials.

More ways to get connected

Embark: A Journey toward Knowing, Loving & Serving God and Others

So what's next for me?  This is a question we receive countless times from people here at Resurrection who are longing to discover where they are going on their spiritual journey and how they will become a deeply committed Christian.

  • We encourage everyone, long time members as well as visitors, to start the Resurrection discipleship pathway with this 3-week course.
  • We’ll explore God's big picture for the world, embrace the message and mission of Jesus and engage in the great commandments -- to love God and love others.
  • Embark will assist you with the "why" of our church's mission, the "what" of your next steps and the "how" of your participation with God's redemptive plan in the world. 
  • Choose a session from "Upcoming Activities" on the right.

Cultivate: Developing a Lifestyle of Sharing Your Faith Stories

This course is designed to equip Christians with the courage, skills and tools to engage non-religious and nominally religious people in thoughtful, kind and winsome conversations about God, life and faith. 

  •  This 3-week course will help you learn the art and ministry of listening, how to creatively share your story of faith in a variety of settings, and how to respond to difficult questions and remarks about God, the Bible and Christianity.
  • Cultivate will guide you in your commitment to living out the story of Jesus in everyday life.  Choose a session from "Upcoming Activities" on the right.

Young Adult Ministry

In your 20s or 30s and looking to explore faith and life? We provide several different ways for young adults to find places of authentic Christian community. Whether you are in college, married with six kids, or learning what it means to work full-time, our goal is journey together in knowing, loving, and serving God.

For additional information about Resurrection Young Adults.

For additional information about joining a Young Adult Small Group.

Additional opportunities:

  • Snow Birds: If you winter in the Ft. Meyers/Naples area and you are interested in connecting with other Reusrrection members contact Shari.Wilkins@cor.org or Cheri Streeter 913-685-0630.
  • Care Groups through Congregational Care

Leader Resources

Visit our Leader web page to locate curriculum, care classes, and leadership resources developed specifically for our group leaders.

Key Information

Group Serving Opportunities

Leaders: Connect Your Small Group

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