A Child's Hope Ministry

The purpose of Resurrection's A Child's Hope ministry is to unite the Christian community to “look after orphans… in their distress” (James 1:27), facilitate successful placements where children in foster care can become part of a Christ-centered forever family, and to wrap our arms around the adoptive and foster families to help meet their immediate and long-term spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.  A Child's Hope ministry is not affiliated with any national organization and is solely a ministry of Church of the Resurrection.

Over 900 children in Kansas Foster Care are waiting to be adopted and looking for forever homes. You may view their profiles at adoptkskids.org.

  • With the shortage of foster and adoptive homes in Kansas City and Johnson County, Resurrection families are needed to open their hearts and their homes.
  • The vision of a Child's Hope ministry is that there will be "No Waiting Child in Kansas Foster Care."


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Training to Become a Foster/Adoptive Parent

For Kansas residents, anyone interested in adopting/fostering a child or providing respite for a foster/adoptive child must complete a 10 week certification course known as MAPP (Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting).  The course is free.  Each session lasts three hours.  If you are married your spouse must attend with you and the certification you receive will never expire.  You can be married or single, need to be 21 years or older, do not have to own your own home and must pass a background check.

MAPP is a model program that utilizes 15 tools designed to help prospective adoptive/foster parents understand the difference between the desire to help and making the commitment to bring children into their home.  Leaders inform participants about the child welfare system and the role of foster parents, help them develop the necessary skills to become a successful foster/adoptive parent and assess families to determine if they are a positive fit to fill the role of a foster parent.

MAPP courses may take place at Resurrection, but to get a complete Kansas training schedule we recommend you contact KVC Behavioral Health Services at 913-499-8100.

Missouri residents must complete a similar course called STARS.  For more information , we recommend you contact Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association at 816-350-0215.

MAPP Training includes:

  • Mentor-support by experienced foster parents
  • Offered respite care
  • Class certification does not expire
  • Classes are free!

Please review the upcoming events to the right for the next training session.

Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children provides a chance for parents to get back on their feet before abuse and neglect occur. Parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children to stay with families of faith while they address the issues that led to their situation. Learn more at safefamilieskc.org.

Safe Families volunteers can have a powerful impact in the lives of others while being transformed themselves by practicing biblical hospitality and extending the love of Christ to people in need. Contact Jill Perfect for more information.  

Supporting Foster/Adoptive Families

Not all are called to directly be a foster or adoptive parent, but we are called to support those who are.  There are many opportunities to extend our love to these families, by joining the Support Team. Click on the topics below to learn more about ways you can get involved.  

  1. Fab Nights - Four Times a Year

    We need volunteers to play with foster children for approximately two hours while their parents break out in a meeting for information & fellowship.  These meetings are usually on Saturday evenings, twice in the fall and twice in the spring.

  2. Embrace Volunteers - As Determined

    Embrace volunteers are paired up with a foster family and serve as someone who honors the new family.  They deliver a personalized Welcome Bag for the child(ren) coming into the foster home prior to arrival.   (This bag is a personalized bag intended to be from the foster family to the child coming into their home. Bag includes a blanket that is personally made and prayed over and small items to let them know they are welcome)  The Embrace family also personally invites foster families to ministry events (such as FAB nights) and attends with them.  In the event of a child’s adoption, they will deliver a Celebration Basket to the family.  The level of ongoing support is up to the volunteers!

  3. Respite Care - As Needed

    To make a huge impact on a foster family, offer to provide respite care for them.  This involves watching their children for them, while they may get some respite.  To provide overnight care, you will need to take the MAPP classes (the 10 week training for potential foster/adoptive parents) which are offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. You may sign up for the next one under "upcoming events" on the right.

  4. Goods Ministry - As Needed

    Volunteers may donate goods and organize clothing and diaper drives. See donation list for additional information.

  5. This New House - April/May Timeframe

    Volunteers help plan this event that honors teens aging out of foster care.  We celebrate by providing lunch, music, speakers, and gifts!  Each attendee goes home with a laundry basket of goodies to help start this next chapter in life!

  6. Ask-A-Mentor/Mentoring - Two Times a Month

    In our Ask-A-Mentor program, volunteers provide "group" mentoring twice a month to a group of foster teen boys currently living in a group home.  Once a month they attend COR's VIBE service and then attend lunch after with the boys.  Also once a month the volunteers meet with the boys at the group home and provide and participate in a meaningful group activity.
    We also have one-on-one mentoring programs, if you are interested in a very special ongoing connection with a foster child.

For more information on the types of opportunities available or information on joining this team, select the Volunteer Opportunity to the right "Foster/Adopt: Join the Support Team. "

James 1:27  "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans...in their distress..." 

Key Information

A Child's Hope Resource Book

  • This book provides info from foster parents, as well as Resurrection and A Child's Hope members. It's a tool to use while caring for children and seeking services.


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