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Resurrection's Reach & Restore Ministry's purpose is to serve others and share Christ when an unexpected disaster or crisis has damaged the security of individuals, families, and communities.  Reach & Restore demonstrates the love and hope found in Christ through practical and significant acts of kindness, mercy, witness and care.

Tornado and Storm Response Updates

Click here to learn about how you can help with disaster relief in response to recent storms in the Midwest.

Get Involved

  1. Early Response Team (ERT)

    The Church of the Resurrection responded amazingly to Reach & Restore's call to help us equip our new Disaster Relief Trailer in September 2007.  We now have a fully stocked trailer ready to respond to local disasters!

    We are training individuals and forming teams for this ministry.  If you would like to join us, here's how the process works:

    • When there is a disaster the Reach & Restore team is contacted by the incident command center.
    • The "Early Response Team" will deploy when we are invited in by the command center, not before.
    • The team's help is usually needed within 1-3 weeks following the disaster.
    • The team is usually only given 24-72 hours notice for the request to help.
    • Once the official request is received, notification is sent out to the "Early Response Calling List" for help.
    • The team deploys from Resurrection with the Reach & Restore Trailer with the volunteers who respond to the call.

    To join the Early Response Regional Disaster Relief Team, and be added to the calling list, sign-up for the "Volunteer Opportunity" to the right, or contact Peter Marsh at peter@marshenterprises.com.

  2. Chainsaw Brigade

    Resurrection's Reach & Restore ministry has started a new team to help respond with local relief, including tornados, ice storms, and other disasters.  The first step of disaster relief is often debris removal.  Little work can be done until the debris is cleared for emergency vehicles and construction teams. 

    In response to this need, we are training teams on chainsaw operation, safety, and maintenance. The teams can then be deployed following a local disaster or storm.  For upcoming training dates, review the upcoming events to the right or contact us at the information below.

    For more information about joining the Chainsaw Brigade please contact Gary Bernhardt at bigdawgsbbq@hotmail.com.

    Sign up for Chainsaw training here.

  3. Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T)

    As a part of Resurrection Reach & Restore's goal to become first responders in the aftermath of natural disasters and crisis, we are now forming C.E.R.T. Teams. These Community Emergency Response Teams (C.E.R.T.) go through thorough training exercises to learn how to respond in a disaster.  For upcoming training, please review event dates to the right or contact us at the information below.

    To learn more about C.E.R.T. Training at Resurrection please contact JerryO'Donnell at jerry@pandjpartners.co .


  4. Local & Regional Reconstruction and Rebuilding Trips

    Participate in a disaster relief trip as the need arises. There will be day trips and multiday trips, depending on the context. Trips are open to ages 16 and older, but there is variation based on the disaster phase and training required. Check back frequently for up to date information on trips.

For More Information

For more information or questions about how you can get involved in the Disaster response Ministry please contact Stewart Curtright.

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