Mission Ministries Trainings

Urban Volunteer Training: "What You Don't Know Matters"

Urban volunteer training is required before serving in on-going Kansas City Mission programs. Empowering and educational, this training will provide each participant with a heightened awareness about our neighbors in Kansas City's urban core.

Unless otherwise noted, trainings will be held from at our Leawood campus. Click on the date to register



Safe Gatherings Child Protection Training

Anyone interested in serving in a mission area working with children, disabled adults or the elderly will need to complete the Safe Gatherings training online. This includes anyone working in one of our partner schools as well as people who will be traveling on a domestic or international trip. Click here to learn more. To start the training process, follow this link. This process takes a few weeks for the background checks to be completed, so it is recommended that you do complete Safe Gatherings online prior to attending any other trainings.

Partner School Volunteer Training Process

In order to serve in an ongoing role as a Reading Buddy, Classroom Helper or Tutor in one of Resurrection's partner schools, you will need to complete the following trainings:

  • Safe Gatherings Certification (or have current Safe & Sacred Certification)
  • Urban Volunteer Training
    • Includes Section on Serving in KCMO school district

At this time, Urban Volunteer Training will also include Kansas City Missouri Public School District Required Training, so you only need to sign up for that one training. Once you have completed all of the required listed above, you will be connected with our Education team to set a start date and get a class assignment in one of our partner schools.


Key Information

Contact Dee Dickey for assistance registering for mission trainings