Step into Serving

We are called to know the Lord with our Head, love Him with our Heart, and serve Him with our Hands – and there are hundreds of ways to step into service at Resurrection. We offer a few suggestions to help you get started.

We offer a Journey 101 course on Serving God.  Learn more.

Know your Spiritual Gifts.  Each of us has unique gifts that we have been given to use in service and knowing what those gifts are is helpful as you seek a service role.  If you are unfamiliar with spiritual gifts, you may want to consider participating in an upcoming Spiritual Gifts Discovery course or contact Melanie Hill for more details. Learn more.

What energizes you? Consider what is a passion for you, for example is it assisting elderly, or children, or those in need…what peaks your interest?  Are you happiest working behind the scenes or ‘upfront?’  

Great places to start serving:

Visit our web listing of other ways you can immediately step into service. Each service role has contact information for the Ministry Connector in that area who will give you detailed information about the role and help you determine if it’s something you might want to “test drive.” Learn more.

The Connection Point, located outside your worship venue is a resource for you.  Volunteer consultants are ready to assist you before or after worship services each weekend. Learn more.

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